Chowder Room will be hosting The Feast of 7 Fishes on December 23rd and December 24th.

Reservations between 5pm-9pm on the 23rd and between 4:30pm-8pm on the 24th.

$59.00 gets you a 7 course seafood meal. Beverage, dessert, tax and tip are an additional charge.

This is a reservation only event. A credit card is necessary to hold your reservation. Reservations can be made by calling 303-777-FISH or by stopping by Chowder Room 560 South Broadway.

The tradition of eating seven different species of seafood on Christmas Eve may have started in Southern Italy or here in the United States... Also unclear: what the number seven represents. Some say it's the seven sacraments of the Catholic church. Maybe it's that according to Catholic beliefs, creation happened in seven days. For us at Chowder Room it's another opportunity to create a dining experience that takes advantage of the great variety of delicious creatures that come from the sea. Many of our guests are every bit as passionate about seafood as we are, so we are looking forward to a really fun night!